Best Places To Buy Frogs Online – 5 Top Picks

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Are you looking for a cool, exotic pet with interesting behavioral quirks? Is your dream pet quiet, yet fun to observe? If so, consider adopting a pet frog! Pet frogs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and personalities, and can make excellent pets. As long as their habitat and dietary preferences are met, many of them lead long, happy lives with their owners.

One of the best ways to obtain healthy frogs for your terrarium is by buying them from reputable, established online sellers. These sellers often have decades of experience in sourcing and raising quality frogs, which allows you to hit the ground running once you receive your new pet.

We’ve explored multiple options for hobbyists who want to buy their frogs online and compiled a list of our top 5 recommendations. Selected for quality, customer service, and business reputation, here are our top picks!

5 Top Online Sources for Healthy Frogs

1. Big Apple Herp

Big Apple Herp logo

Believe it or not, Big Apple Herp was established after its founders fell in love with reptiles and amphibians after watching Jurassic Park the summer it was released. In the years since, this New York City-based establishment has sold reptiles and amphibians to customers from all over the world, from fellow hobbyists to educational institutions and museums. 

The quality of its livestock has earned Big Apple Herp an unbeatable reputation in the industry. The site lists 80 toads and frogs for sale, most of which are captive-bred under excellent conditions. Some of the more unique frog species listed on the site include the Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frogs and the Super Blue Auratus Dart Frogs.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

In addition to their live arrival guarantee, Big Apple Herp also provides a 3-day health guarantee on the frogs they sell. Their generous health guarantee is a testament to the quality and health of the specimen they ship. However, do note that these guarantees are void when the temperature exceeds 80 degrees or falls below 40 degrees. 

2. Backwater Reptiles

Backwater Reptiles banner

Backwater Reptiles was founded by enthusiasts who do their utmost to make the hobby as accessible as possible. Not only are their frogs priced reasonably, each frog also comes with a detailed care sheet written by industry experts, which provides hobbyists with the info they need to care for their new pets as adequately and thoroughly as possible.

The individuals behind Backwater Reptiles are also big believers in the potential of captive breeding as a means of conserving herp populations. They provide informative sexing guides for each species, and provide hobbyists with the option of indicating gender preferences. 

Standing by their mission to promote the hobby responsibly, Backwater Reptiles does all they can to ship their frogs under ideal conditions. Shipments are delayed in the event of inclement weather, and all frogs are shipped via overnight shipping within the US only.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

Backwater Reptile’s generous live arrival and 7-day extended guarantee puts them heads and shoulders above most of their competitors. What’s even more impressive is the fact that 98.6% of their livestock survive past this guarantee window, which speaks to the health of their frogs. Their professionalism has earned them loyal customers in the form of zoos, museums, and universities.

3. Josh’s Frogs

Josh's Frogs logo

If you prefer purchasing frogs directly from the individuals that bred them, look no further than Josh’s Frogs. Founded over 15 years ago by a poison frog dart enthusiast, this business has rapidly outgrown its humble beginnings as a garage-based business to become one of the leading frog suppliers in the US.

What sets Josh’s Frogs apart is their dedication towards top-notch customer service. The team’s goal is to make sure that the customers get what they need promptly, and at highly competitive prices. Though their warehouse isn’t open to the public, they also offer in-person pickup options for customers who are based in Michigan.

To help their customers make informed decisions, Josh’s Frogs also provides detailed articles and care sheets on every species they have in stock. Customers with questions that are more specific can also reach out to the customer service team through their preferred means of communication. They can do so via live chat, email, or phone.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

Like most reputable amphibian stores, Josh’s Frog offers a 3-day live product guarantee on all frogs (tadpoles are ineligible). To be eligible for the 3-day guarantee, customers are required to submit a claim containing a detailed photo of the enclosure, along with information pertaining to the frog’s general condition and habitat. A detailed list of questions is available here.

4. Petco

Petco - Logo

Petco only allows in-store purchases of live frogs, but this is hardly an issue when they have over 1,500 locations across the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. From more unique species such as the Pacman Frog to pet frog mainstays such as the Green Tree Frog, each store has its own selection of frogs available for purchase. 

What you CAN do, however, is purchase supplies for your frogs from their online store. The site contains a wide selection of terrariums and decor for you to select from, and even stocks micro pellets for frogs and tadpoles (which must, of course, be supplemented by live foods.) Some locations offer free same-day shipping with no purchase limits, which is a huge perk!

Enthusiasts who prefer in-person customer service would absolutely enjoy the convenience of popping into their local Petco and speaking to an animal expert. However, the Q&A function on their product pages also makes it convenient for customers to get their questions answered if they prefer to seek advice online.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

Petco wants to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their purchases, and offers a 30-day return policy on all live frogs and pet supplies. Purchases that are made online such as pellets and terrariums can either be returned to your nearest location, or be shipped to the Return Address.

Because live frogs can only be purchased in-store, customers only have the option of seeking refunds at the store it was purchased from. However, the 30-day return policy still applies, making this one of the most generous refund policies in the industry. All you need to do is bring your receipt with you, and refunds will be made in the original form of tender.

5. The Frog Depot

The Frog Depot logo

Yet another go-to site for hobbyists to make an online frog purchase is The Frog Depot, which boasts 100s of captive-bred frogs for sale on its site. Because they are one of the only Pacman frog breeders in the country, you can rest assured knowing that you are purchasing your frogs directly from their source, which minimizes the stress placed on your frogs.

In our opinion, the Frog Depot strikes the best balance between price and variety out of all its competitors. Most frogs are priced between $15 to $100, though there are several rare species under the “Pat’s Picks” category that retail for up to $250.

For these highly reasonable and competitive prices, customers can choose from one of the most extensive frog selections on the internet. In addition, they can also purchase everything they need for their frog tank setup, making The Frog Depot a hyper convenient one-stop-shop for all things frog-related.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

The Frog Depot offers one of the most direct and straightforward return policies. Customers are entitled to refunds on anything that arrives damaged or unhealthy, as long as claims are submitted within 4 hours of delivery. Though they do not provide extended health guarantees on frogs, the hassle-free documentation requirements for live arrival refunds more than makes up for it.


Is It Legal To Own A Frog?

What a good question! The answer is – it depends. Most types of frogs can be legally kept as pets in the United States, but you should absolutely steer clear of native frog species that are listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. As of September 2021, this list of frogs includes:

  • California red-legged frog 
  • Chiricahua leopard frog
  • Dusky gopher frog
  • Mountain yellow-legged frog
  • Oregon spotted frog
  • Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog

In addition to the Endangered Species Act, many states have laws prohibiting the possession of certain animals. For instance, it is illegal to own African Clawed Frogs in the state of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia or Washington.

The safest and most responsible thing to do is to stick to frog species that aren’t threatened or endangered, and do your research on the specific laws of your area of residence.

Which Is The Best Pet Frog For Beginners?

The best pet frogs for beginners are ones that are easy to care for and have straightforward dietary needs. Some of the best choices include:

  • Dwarf Frogs
  • Oriental Fire Bellied Toads
  • White’s Tree Frog
  • American Green Tree Frogs
  • Pacman Frogs 

These popular frog species may be beginner-friendly, but they should still be kept in ideal habitats with a steady supply of fresh, clean, chlorine-free water for them to enjoy.

Do Frogs Like To Be Held?

Frog on a childs hand

Most amphibians do not enjoy being held, and frogs are no different. However, we understand that some frog owners may find it difficult to avoid handling their pets – especially when it comes to cleaning their enclosures.

If you absolutely need a frog that will tolerate occasional handling, here are some of our suggestions. However, do keep in mind that even tolerant frogs will only tolerate weekly handling sessions lasting between 5-10 minutes.

  • Amazon Milk Frog
  • Red Eyed Tree Frogs
  • Monkey Tree Frogs
  • White’s Tree Frogs
  • Solomon Island Reed Frog

Remember – just because your frogs can tolerate handling doesn’t mean it enjoys it! As difficult as it may be to stop yourself from picking up your adorable pet frog, remember that its comfort should always come first. Your frog will thank you for it!


The thought of welcoming a new pet frog into your home can be exciting, but do your research first! Select a species that’s compatible with the size of your space, handling preferences, and lifestyle demands. Meeting your frog’s needs will not only keep them healthy for years to come, but can also be highly rewarding. If you’re up to the task, check out our recommended sites today!

Did you find this article helpful? Know someone who is thinking of buying frogs online? Please direct them to this article! We love providing helpful information to like-minded hobbyists, and are more than happy to share our expertise in the comments section below if you have any lingering questions.

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