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Driftwood in Aquarium

White Spots On Driftwood- What Are They?

Many aquarists find white dots and spots on their driftwood. If this describes your situation, read on to learn about what they are and how to fix the problem!

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angel fish eating fish flake food from service feeding aquarium fish

Can Fish Choke? Common Causes And Solutions

It may seem a little odd to think that fish can choke or gulp, but it does happen. Learn what causes choking in fish, and what you can do to help your pet!

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Starfish in aquarium

How To Tell If A Starfish Is Dead?

What do you do when a starfish dies? How do you tell if your pet is stressed or dead? Check out this article to learn more about identifying dead starfish!

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Dying saltwater fishes

How To Tell If A Fish Is Dead, Dying Or Sick?

It is heartbreaking to lose a pet fish, but ignorance is far worse. This article explains how to identify the signs of dying fish, so you can help your pet.

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dead fish on the ground

How To Treat Ammonia Poisoning in Fish

Ammonia poisoning is a life-threatening condition that affects many species of freshwater fish. Learn how to prevent and treat it with our helpful guide!