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Fish in blue background

How To Humanely Euthanize Your Fish

When a fish is so sick that it can’t be saved, what do you do? Read this guide to find out how to humanely euthanize your fish.

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Fish tank with plants

Guide To Designing An Aquatic Community

Read this guide to designing an aquatic community to learn how to establish a beautifully aquascaped biotope in your home aquarium.

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Fish tank with green plants

Different Types Of Fishkeeping Systems

What are the different types of fishkeeping systems? Read this guide to find out how to set up freshwater, marine, and brackish aquariums.

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Hydra under light microscopy

Small And Large White Worms in Tanks

Are white worms in your aquarium dangerous to your fish? Read this guide to learn about small and large white worms in your fish tank.

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Betta Fish inside a small tank

Guide To Selling Betta Fish

If you want to raise bettas for profit, you need to know how to sell your fish. Read this article to learn the requirements for fish breeding and selling bettas.

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2 Betta Fishes swimming

Basics Of Breeding Betta Fish

It takes some preparation to successfully mate betta fish, so check out our step-by-step instructions in this Basic Betta Breeding Guide!

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Rabbit Snail shoving on sand.

Rabbit Snails: Aquatic Invertebrate Care Guide

Rabbit Snails are colorful, easy to care for and ideal for peaceful freshwater communities, so check out our guide to see if they’re right for your tank!


Fishes swimming in aquarium with plants

Best Fish for 10 Gallon Tanks

What are the best fish for 10-gallon tanks, and how many fish can you fit inside one? We’ll teach you the art of stocking a small aquarium!

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Angelfish swimming in the aquarium with green plants.

Compatibility Guide For Angelfish Tank Mates

Can Angelfish live in a community aquarium? Read this compatibility guide to find out what fish species make suitable tank mates for the beautiful Angelfish.