Top 10 Best Place to Buy Betta Fish Online – Your Complete Guide

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Betta fish make excellent pets for adults and kids alike.

You can train your betta buddy to perform simple tricks and spend hours admiring his beautiful, luxuriant finnage. Some experienced betta owners even travel around the country to exhibit their pets at betta shows.

If you want a truly spectacular show-winning betta fish, you probably won’t find one at your local fish store. So, where is the best place to buy betta fish online?

Keep reading to learn where to buy betta fish online and track down the best online betta fish store!

How To Choose A Betta Fish

If you’re new to the betta-keeping hobby, to give yourself the best chance of success, you’ll need to know how to choose a healthy tropical fish.

Here’s what to look for when picking your betta buddy:

  • Look to see if there’s any food left in the betta’s container; a sick betta won’t eat.
  • The betta’s fins should not be torn or frayed.
  • The fish’s body should have no white or brown spots, red patches, or ulcers.
  • The betta should have bright colors. Dull or faded colors are usually a sign of stress and a sickly fish.
  • The fish should have a well-rounded body. A sunken belly can indicate the presence of internal parasites.
  • If fish waste is visible, it shouldn’t be white or stringy; that could indicate the presence of internal parasites.
  • The betta’s eyes should be clear; protruding or cloudy eyes are a sign of sickness.

A good way to check if a male betta is healthy is to place a small mirror alongside the betta’s container. A healthy fish will flare his gill covers and fins at his reflection in a display of aggression.

best place to buy betta fish online

Bettas are curious fish and will typically follow your finger along the glass or come to the front of the container to inspect you. A fish that hangs around at the bottom of the container showing little interest in his surroundings is either highly stressed or sick.

Of course, the main downside of buying a betta fish online is that you can’t see the fish in action and you often buy purely on the basis of a photograph.

Are Betta Fish Expensive?

If you’re a beginner to the hobby, we recommend you don’t spend too much on your first fish in case things go wrong. Bettas are generally straightforward to keep but they can be sensitive to water conditions, and rookie mistakes can be enough to kill them.

When I bought my first Veiltail betta from my local pet store, I paid around $6 for him. However, you can pay much more than that. For example, betta fish that boast unusual features and especially bright colors tend to command a higher price.

A few factors heavily influence a betta fish’s price, including:

Interestingly, those factors have more impact on the fish’s cost than its color.

Tail Shapes

Betta fish are famous for their flamboyant tails, and it’s that physical attribute that tends to push a fish’s price up.

veiltail betta fish

For example, Crowntail and Veiltail bettas are commonly available in most fish stores, and you can usually buy one of these types for around $5 or $6. These fish are a good starting point for a newbie to the hobby.

If you have more fishkeeping experience, you might be tempted to buy a fish with a Halfmoon or Halfmoon Plakat tail. These fish often cost a few hundred dollars because those tail shapes aren’t as commonly found.

The rarest tail type is a Fantail. That form is created thanks to a genetic mutation that gives the fish two caudal fins, which are joined in the center to form a fan shape rather like a Fancy goldfish.

Scale Patterns

When it comes to scale patterns, bi-colored bettas are typically the least expensive and are the bettas you see for sale in chain fish stores.

Solid-colored and multi-colored fish are the priciest, often fetching hundreds of dollars. In fact, the most expensive betta fish ever sold (to date) was a multi-colored specimen whose colors resembled the Thai flag. That fish sold for an eye-watering $1,500 back in 2016.

Fish with bright scale colors are also more expensive than less flashy types. For example, a solid-colored crimson-colored betta will cost around twice as much as a pink and pale red-colored fish.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Betta Fish?

Although you’ll find a limited range of bettas for sale in most terrestrial pet and chain stores, a much wider range of colors and forms are available from online betta breeders.

These days, it’s pretty safe to buy marine and freshwater fish on the internet, as long as you choose a reputable, recommended website and research where to buy betta fish online before you begin surfing the net.

Many fish breeders have refund policies in place if your fish arrives dead or in poor condition, so remember to check that before you place your order.

Best Places To Buy Betta Fish Online

We’ve researched the best online places to buy healthy, beautiful betta fish to save you some legwork. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the best online betta fish stores!

1. Amazon - Logo
  • Website:
  • Price range: Various
  • Shipping fee: Depends on the supplier
  • Live-on-arrival guarantee: Depends on the supplier

Online marketplace, Amazon, has recently included several links to fish sellers and breeders, some of which offer betta fish for sale.

The suppliers listed on Amazon’s site offer a variety of bettas in different forms and colors, and they also supply female fish, which is useful if you want to breed baby bettas and starting your own breeding operation.


  • Reputable site
  • Good customer service
  • Amazon return policy


  • You can’t view the fish before buying
  • Shipping is limited in some areas

2. Petco

Petco - Logo
  • Website:
  • Price range: Various
  • Shipping fee: $30 to $138
  • Live-on-arrival guarantee: Yes

Petco is a well-established, reputable online store where you can buy live betta fish, as well as betta food and all the betta fish accessories you’ll need to set up a home for your new pet.

This supplier appeals more to the beginner betta keeper market rather than experienced betta fish breeders.


Petco ships all its live fish via next-day delivery, and you can specify a Saturday delivery for an additional charge if you won’t be around to receive your betta fish during the week. There’s a 30-day survival guarantee offered on all live bettas and inverts.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

Petco has a good track record for offering an impressive selection of over 40 varieties of bettas for sale, and many are extremely affordable compared to those you find in high street stores.


  • Excellent range of colors and forms of bettas
  • 30-day survival guarantee
  • Saturday delivery slots available


  • You can’t view the fish before buying

3. Aquabid

Aquabid logo
  • Website:
  • Price range: Various
  • Shipping fee: Depends on the breeder
  • Live-on-arrival guarantee: Depends on the breeder

Aquabid is a well-known online auction site that specializes in live fish, including a variety of betta fish.

Betta breeders and suppliers use a sales board to pitch individual betta fish for sale to the highest bidder in the auction. Aquabid is most popular with professional betta breeders and betta enthusiasts.


The arrangements for shipping fish are dependent on the individual supplier or breeder. Watch out for third party shipping costs that can push the price up considerably.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

If you want a rare type of betta fish, Aquabid is probably the best place to go. The betta fish varieties available varies from week to week, so keep an eye on the sales board to see what’s on offer.


  • A wide range of rare, unique types of betta fish


  • Hidden costs can be incurred, depending on the shipping arrangements used by the supplier.
  • No guarantee of a refund if you receive a dead fish

4. Aqua Imports logo

Aqua Imports offers a wide range of beautiful betta fish in a choice of colors and forms for sale through its online platform. However, not all varieties are available, so you need to keep an eye on what’s on offer until your perfect fish arrives in stock.

You can also buy fishkeeping equipment, plants, and inverts from this supplier.


All live fish are carefully packed and shipped for next-day delivery, and there’s an air cargo facility available, depending on where you’re located.


  • A wide range of beautiful high-quality fish
  • Female bettas are also available


  • Not all betta varieties advertised are available, so you’ll need to check back periodically to find what you want.

5. eBay

SAN JOSE, CA/USA - MARCH 1, 2014: Ebay Corporate Headquarters Sign. eBay Inc. is an American multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California.
  • Website: Betta Sellers and breeders
  • Price range: Various
  • Shipping fee: Depends on seller
  • Live on arrival guarantee: Depends on seller

eBay is the world’s most well-known auction site. Some fish retailers offer their bettas on an auction basis for sale to the highest bidder, whereas others allow you to “Buy now.”


Shipping arrangements and fees vary between sellers, and there’s no guaranteed live arrival unless your seller offers that.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

You’ll find a good selection of bettas for sale on eBay, ranging from regular Veiltail and Crowntail bettas to exotic fish in many different forms including Plakats and Wild bettas.


  • A good range of high-quality fish for sale
  • Buyer reviews are available for reference


  • Some sellers only ship to particular locations
  • No refund of shipping costs if D.O.A., or a sick fish is received, depending on the supplier

6. Liveaquaria logo
  • Website:
  • Price range: $8 to $30
  • Shipping fee: up to $48
  • Live on arrival guarantee: Yes

Liveaquaria is an online retailer that offers a wide selection of fishkeeping products and live fish through their online store. The company is well-regarded in the trade for excellent customer service and providing high-quality livestock.


Liveaquaria confirms an estimated delivery time for your purchase and gives you instructions on the best way to acclimate your betta. You also get a 14-day survival guarantee that’s valid as long as you follow the care instructions.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

The website has an amazing selection of betta fish for sale, including more unusual varieties and is constantly updated with new stock. Female bettas are also available, which is handy if you want to start your own lucrative business breeding bettas.


  • Excellent reputation
  • Great choice of bettas
  • 14-day survival guarantee


  • Does not ship live betta fish to some locations

7. That Pet Place

That Pet Place logo
  • Website: That Pet Place
  • Price range: $5 to $20
  • Shipping fee: $30
  • Live-on-arrival guarantee: 14-day survival guarantee

That Pet Place is an online operation that sells fish and fishkeeping products. This is a well-established company that has a great reputation for providing excellent quality betta fish at reasonable prices.


Orders are usually dispatched within two to three days of receipt of your order and fish are shipped via priority mail for delivery the next day.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

That Pet Place offers a wide variety of unusual and regular betta fish, including females, which is handy if you want to try starting a home breeding project.


  • Well-established retailer
  • Excellent reputation


  • Some types of bettas are only available to purchase from the company’s retail outlets leaving a limited selection available for online sale.

8. logo
  • Website:
  • Price range: $4 to $57
  • Shipping fee: $29.95
  • Live on arrival guarantee: Yes sells live betta fish, marines, corals, and a range of aquatic supplies, too.


Shipping costs are reasonable and live fish are shipped via FedEx who will email you a tracking number once your order has been placed.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

This excellent supplier offers an extensive range of all the most popular varieties of high-quality betta fish, including some impressive Plakat fighters and more uncommon breeds, too.


  • Wide range of high-quality betta fish available.
  • Reliable, efficient supplier


  • Not all advertised betta varieties are available

9. Bettas and Art

Bettas and Art logo
  • Website: Bettas and Art
  • Price range: $50 to several hundred dollars
  • Shipping fee: Contact supplier
  • Live on arrival guarantee: Yes

Bettas and Art are importers of a spectacular selection of betta fish that are largely bought by those interested in breeding or showing their fish or want to add to their betta collection.

The New York-based supplier also offers unusual, betta-themed art and advice on betta care.


This company only ships to locations in the U.S.

Overnight shipping is available for an extra cost, but standard shipping is available.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

Bettas and Art offers high-quality, high-value bettas that are bred for show. This supplier doesn’t sell regular betta fish that you’d find in your local fish store.


  • Rare and stunningly beautiful show-quality bettas available
  • Betta-themed artwork available


  • The overnight delivery is more expensive than regular delivery
  • These bettas are gorgeous but very expensive!

10. Rena’s Fish Store

  • Website: Rena’s Fish Store
  • Price range: $27.95 and upward
  • Shipping fee: $17.88-$29.88
  • Live on arrival guarantee: Yes

Rena’s Fish Store is a Canadian-based fish store that sells show-quality bettas. So, if you have your heart set on a Wild Type betta, a Giant betta, or a Half-Moon Plakat, this is the online store for you! You can also buy accessories, fish food, and a detailed care guide for newbies to the hobby.


This supplier ships bettas to the U.S, Canada, and even to the U.K. Orders are dispatched on particular days so that the fish are not in transit for too long.

You can pay extra for next-day delivery, but a D.O.A. guarantee is included.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

Rena’s Fish Store offers many rare bettas that you won’t see in high street fish stores, and they offer females too in their range.


  • Superior range of unique, show-quality bettas
  • International orders accepted and fulfilled


  • Some varieties of bettas are only shipped to locations within Canada
  • Unusual betta types sell out quickly

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our guide to buying beautiful betta fish online? If you found the information helpful, please take a moment to share the article with other betta fans.

If you plan to buy a betta fish to exhibit at shows or you want something unusual that you don’t see in your local fish store, buying a betta online might be the way to go.

Buying fish online is becoming more popular, especially since the Covid 19 lockdown closed many fish stores, and doing so is usually problem-free, provided you use a reputable supplier like one of those in our guide.

Where did you buy your betta buddy? Use the comments box below to tell us about your new fishy friend and whether your experience was a positive one.

Alison Page has been an avid fish keeper for over 35 years and has owned many different species of freshwater tropical fish including bettas. Currently Alison has two large freshwater tanks. The first tank has two huge fancy goldfish who are almost ten years old and still looking as good as ever. In the other, she has a happy community of tiger barbs, green tiger barbs, corydoras catfish, platys, and mollies.

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      If you can’t change the background color of your tank, try using tall plants to break up the block of color. If you don’t want to use live plants, there are plenty of silk ones in different colors that can look great. Don’t use plastic plants, though. Plastic can have sharp points that might snag your betta’s fins and injure him.

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