Editorial Guidelines

At Tankarium, we strive to offer our readers original, accurate, and engaging content that contains no ethical conflicts or concerns.

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Content Integrity

Tankarium is committed to the quality, accuracy, and integrity of all our editorial processes and the content we publish.

Our team of writers, editors, researchers, illustrators, and photographers reviews all the articles we publish to ensure currency, accuracy, and validity, placing our readers’ needs first.

Tankarium never publishes automatically generated (AI) content. Every article we use is written by humans and is backed up with an author byline showing the writer’s name, links to information about them, and their experience.

Each article is dated to show when we last updated the piece with fresh information. Some of our content features a tagline providing extra information on the research sources used or the author.

We never alter or edit any of the photos or videos we use in any way that could mislead our readers. The illustrations, graphics, and images we use are internally created and are representative of diversity.

Every article we publish on Tankarium is periodically reviewed for accuracy and relevance, ensuring the content’s integrity. Any factual errors are corrected transparently, and we encourage our readers to tell us about any mistakes they find.

Our contributors, editors, and writers are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

We keep our advertising content strictly separate from our factual articles, and our advertisers are not permitted to influence any of our content.


Tankarium’s team of experienced researchers ensures the integrity of our content. These experts are selected for their expertise and experience in the subject matter and journalistic processes and are instructed to check all facts thoroughly, ensuring that all our content is accurate and up-to-date.

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Accuracy and corrections

Tankarium only publishes high-quality, well-researched, accurate content. If we find any errors in any of our content, we will rectify those mistakes as quickly as we can. Also, any articles whose language is unclear or that lack detail will be updated.

We sometimes publish news articles that are time-specific, and these pieces are not routinely updated. However, our service content is routinely and regularly reviewed, updated, and fact-checked. The amendment date of each article is clearly shown in the tagline.

If you want to highlight an error, you can do so at this link.


Our editors and authors must maintain exacting standards when sourcing the articles we publish. Only reputable, current sources, especially professional bodies, academic papers, and expert interviews, are used. We back up every data point, fact, and claim with reputable sources.

We never use anonymous sources that could damage transparency and our readers’ trust in our content. If we do use an unnamed source, we always provide the context necessary to justify that.


At Tankarium, we aim to provide our readers with original, unbiased, helpful content. The information we provide does not infringe on anyone’s copyright or intellectual property rights.

We do not tolerate plagiarism. All of Tankarium’s content is unique and original.

Our writers and contributors are required to follow all accepted journalistic practices, standards, and relevant laws, including the following: