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Betta Fish Tank Ideas

Although your betta fish is beautiful and should take center stage, he needs more than just a vase or bowl with a sprinkling of gravel to be happy and thrive.

So, in this article, we take a look at 31 beautiful betta tanks that your betta will love! Plus a quick over of the basic needs of a betta fish so that your fishy friend will live a long and healthy life.

Betta Tank Quick Setup Guide

 Two betta fish put inside on a separate tanks.

Contrary to the popular urban myth, bettas are not happy living in jars or vases. They need much more than that to thrive!

You can read a full, in-depth article on betta fish care at this link. In the meantime, here’s a quick guide.

Tank Size

You should provide your fish with a tank of at least five gallons capacity.

Wild bettas establish territories of up to three square feet, so a tiny bowl or jar is nowhere near spacious enough.

Tank lid

A betta tank should have a lid or at least a cover slide.

In their natural environment, during droughts or dry spells, bettas jump from puddle to puddle in search of food, mates, or new territory. If your tank doesn’t have a covering, you may find that your feisty fish leaps right out of his tank, simply because he can!

Wild Betta Breeding Program Tank Set up look likes Peat Swamp

When filling the tank, be sure to leave at least two inches of space between the water and the lid so that your betta can reach the surface easily.

A long or tall tank?

Bettas live primarily in the upper area of the water column and are surface feeders. In nature, betta fish feed on insects and insect larvae that land on the water surface. Look closely at your betta, and you’ll see that his mouth is upturned and filled with tiny white teeth. That enables the fish to grab prey from the surface of the water and prevent it from escaping.

Betta fish are anabantoids or labyrinth breathers. That means that your fish can breathe air through a specially adapted respiratory organ. Wild bettas live in slow-moving or stagnant water where oxygen levels can be poor. The ability to breathe air enables the fish to survive in challenging conditions. Captive bettas also need access to the water surface periodically to take gulps of air.

Also, ornamental betta splendens have luxuriant, flowing finnage, which looks spectacular but is a distinct handicap for the fish when it comes to swimming up to the surface to feed and breathe.

So, for those reasons, you should choose a tank that is longer than it is deep.

Water Quality

Aquarium equipment. External Aquarium Fish Tank Canister Filter. Vector illustration. The scheme of the external aquarium bio filter. – stock illustration

Dirty water stresses the fish, leaving him vulnerable to disease and even causing death. So, your betta tank should have a filtration system to remove ammonia and nitrates from the water.

Bettas are not strong swimmers, so the water movement in the tank should be gentle. If necessary, buffer the filter flow with plants or decorations.

The water pH level should be between 6.5 and 8.0.

You’ll need to carry out a 30% partial water change each week and use a water testing kit to ensure that the parameters are consistent and correct.

Water Temperature

Close up of blue half moon Siamese fighting fish in a fish tank

The water temperature typically should be in between 75° and 86° in your tropical betta tank and ideally at a constant 78° to 80° Fahrenheit.

Bettas are highly susceptible to temperature shock, which occurs if the temperature falls below 75° Fahrenheit for long periods or drops below 69° Fahrenheit. Temperature shock can kill bettas, so be sure to buy a heater for your fish tank.


In the wild environment, betta fish live in shallow water, so they can see when it’s night and day. If your betta can’t see whether it’s day or night, he won’t know when to eat or sleep, which may stress your fish.

So, your betta fish needs lighting in his tank. LED lights are the best option. LEDs are long-lasting and produce a very bright light that’s perfect for highlighting your betta’s brilliant colors.


Betta Fish swimming

The substrate is the medium that covers the tank bottom. You can use fine gravel, sand, or aquarium soil.

A substrate is important, as it provides a large space in which “helpful” bacteria can grow and proliferate, relieving the load on your biological filter and helping to keep the tank environment healthy.

Bettas love plants and ornaments to hide in and explore, and a substrate helps to keep everything in place.

Finally, the right choice of colored substrate can help to show off your beautiful betta’s colors to maximum effect. For example, a crimson veiltail betta looks spectacular against a black substrate.

Decorations and planting

Fighting fish, Siamese fish, in a fish tank decorated with pebbles and trees, Black background.

Betta fish are curious, nosy fish that like to have plenty to do in their tank, keeping them active and preventing boredom from setting in.

Populate your betta tank with lots of caves, floating hollow logs, betta fish toys, and natural driftwood to provide hiding places and shady sites where your betta can take a nap.

In nature, the betta’s environment is thick with vegetation. The fish like to hide among the plants and use them for resting too. Live plants in your betta’s tank help to oxygenate the water and provide a place for beneficial bacteria, which remove harmful bacteria from the water.

If you prefer not to use live plants, use silk ones instead. I don’t recommend using plastic plants, as they can have hard, sharp edges that may snag on your fish’s flowing tail and fins.


Coral Saltwater reef aquarium tank

As a general rule of thumb, I find it best to avoid keeping bettas with species that are fin-nippers, such as barbs, which could harass and stress the betta. Remember that bettas are highly territorial, so choose companions that live mainly on the bottom of the tank, such as Corydoras catfish, or in the middle of the water column.

Bettas are members of the same family of fishes as Gouramis, and small varieties of that species usually do well as tankmates for betta fish. Snails and shrimp are also good betta tankmates, and they help to keep the environment clean by eating algae and tidying up detritus from the substrate.

Betta fish spawn readily, and you can brighten up a male betta’s day by adding a sorority of females to his tank. Watching the male betta constructing a bubble nest and then observing the spawning process of these charming fish is fascinating!

Betta Fish Tanks

In this section of our guide, we list 31 fish tanks that are suitable for bettas.

1. Back to the Roots Water Garden

Back to the Roots Water Garden, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food, Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem (Great Gardening Gift & Family Project)

This mini home ecosystem is a cleverly designed scaled-down hydroponics system.

You grow microgreens on the top of the tank while the plants clean the water by using the fish waste as fertilizer. That means you can enjoy the greens in salads while your betta has crystal clear water in a spacious tank that doesn’t need cleaning!

The tank doesn’t come with a heater or a light.

Check on Amazon

2. SpongeBob Squarepants Betta Aquarium

Penn Plax SpongeBob Squarepants Betta Aquarium Kit, 0.7 Gallon

This betta tank is super-cute and ideal for kids who love SpongeBob. The tank lid is vented so that there’s good air circulation. There’s a feeding window too.

The tank comes with a brightly colored SpongeBob background, and the sturdy, high-quality plastic is well-made and durable. You can add more decor, plants, etc., for your fish, but you will need to buy a filtration system, a light, and a heater.

Available on Petco

3. Aqueon Princess Castle

Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit, 8.2 x 4.8 x 8.5 (100530908)

Princess Castle is designed to sit on a desktop, and the bright colors make it a perfect fish tank for kids who are getting their first fish.

The tank comes complete with a pink castle-shaped top, purple steeples, and flags too. There are feeding holes so that you can feed your fish, and the kit includes gravel, a small plant, betta food, and water conditioner. The tank does not have a filtration system, light, or heater.

Check The Price

4. biOrb 16 Gallon Mega Aquarium Kit

biOrb 16 Gallon Mega Aquarium Kit with Light, Black

This tank is effectively a high-tech fishbowl that incorporates a very effective filtration system and an LED light. To clean the tank, just replace the filter cartridge every six weeks, and carry out a 30% water change every two weeks.

The Orb is made from extremely strong acrylic and comes with a two-year guarantee.

You also get an attractive range of decorative items included with the tank.

View Product

5. Tri-color Divided Tank

Tank decorations in three different styles
Image Source: tropicalfishcareguides.com

This home-made divided tank is spectacular!

Divided tanks are popular with betta owners, as they mean that you can keep three male bettas “together” without the risk of them fighting or becoming stressed.

You can add lots of variety to your divided tank by creating a different environment in each section. In this example, you can see how the owner has included a range of contrasting plants and pebbles to give the impression of three different zones.

6. Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit

Tetra LED Half Moon aquarium Kit 1.1 Gallons, Ideal For Bettas, Black, 4.6 x 9.1 x 9.9 Inches

Tetra is a well-known name in the fishkeeping industry. This half-moon betta tank is well-made from robust plastic and nicely designed, including an adjustable LED light and feeding hole.

You will need to add gravel, plants, and decorations to the tank, and it doesn’t come with a filter system or heater.

Check The Product

7. Yellow Submarine

tank is packed with plants and decorations that work well together
Image Source: tropicalfishcareguides.com

This betta enthusiast has created a busy tank that’s crammed with decorations and plants, including a yellow submarine ornament that doubles as a perfect hiding place for a shy fish.

Although the design does look a little cluttered for some tastes, that’s not a problem for betta fish, as they don’t need acres of open water swimming space to be happy. Importantly, there’s lots of water surface area free for feeding and labyrinth breathing.

Also, a heater, filtration system, and lighting are provided for the comfort of the occupant.

8. MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

This stylish tank creates a superb focal point in any room. The aquarium comes in five-gallon sizes and includes adjustable LED mood lighting.

The advanced three-stage filtration keeps the water clean and within the correct parameters for bettas. The filter pump flow is adjustable too. The design of the tank hides the filtration equipment, and the hinged light enables easy access to the tank. However, you do need to buy a heater, substrate, plants, and decoration.

Available on Amazon

9. Super Mario Betta Tank

This tank uses painted lego bricks and PVC piping to recreate a scene from the iconic Super Mario Brothers video game
Image Source: tropicalfishcareguides.com

This large tank has been imaginatively designed using painted lego bricks and PVC pipe to recreate an iconic scene from the Super Mario Brothers video game.

If you have the creative flair and a few DIY skills, designing and building your own themed betta tank can be a great fun project. When creating your customized betta palace, remember to incorporate a substrate, as well as a good-quality filtration system, lighting, and a heater.

Also, make sure that any paint you use is non-toxic and waterproof, and use aquarium adhesive or sealant where necessary.

10. Tank Table

Glass sides and a glass tabletop, Clean landscaping and live plants fish tank
Image Source: www.tropicalfishcareguides.com

If you want your betta fish to be the center of attention in your room, you can’t do better than this stunning tank coffee table.

The tank has a sturdy glass top that’s both functional and attractive, and the aquarium element of the design has a filtration system, heater, beautiful mood lighting, and some extremely well-chosen, clean-looking aquascaping.

The aquarium is large enough to accommodate your betta and a nice collection of tankmates too.

11. Grassy Field

Fish tank with wonderful grassy bed,rock decorations jutting out from the center
Image Source: www.tropicalfishcareguides.com

I believe that less is more when it comes to displaying betta fish. It should be the fish that takes center stage, not the decoration that surrounds it.

So, this beautifully-designed tank is the epitome of style while allowing the betta to be the star of the show. The living carpet of lush green plants provides a vivid splash of color that contrasts perfectly with the vibrant crimson coloration of the betta.

The simple rock decorations create natural sculpture and bold contrast to the softness of the tank floor. The tank is equipped with a filtration system, heater, and lighting too.

12. Buddha Forest

This serene tank creatively uses pieces of bamboo with live plants at the top to create the effect of an underwater bamboo forest,A meditating Buddha tank decoration right in the center
Image Source Here

This simple yet stunning zen betta tank design captures the serenity and calm of the Buddha, sitting peacefully amid the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat.

The resin Buddha head decoration is the focal point of the tank, while the surrounding dense jungle effect of the plants not only looks beautiful, but it provides your betta with plenty of hiding and resting places.

The combination of many plants and an efficient filtration system will ensure that the water quality within the environment remains pristine.

13. Betta Fish Bowl Ideas

2 Betta Fish Bowl
Image Source Here

You don’t have to buy a special betta tank from a fish store to make a home for your fishy friend. You might want to take inspiration from the betta enthusiasts who have created these beautiful fish tanks from large glass bowls.

Fishbowls have long been the traditional homes for goldfish and bettas, but these amazing designs take the concept to the next level. A glorious natural look is created by using natural substrate and decoration and lots of plants.

Lighting is provided for the bowls, and the plants will help to oxygenate and clean the water. However, the lack of a proper filtration system means that you need to carry out partial water changes of up to 40% at least once a week, depending on the size of the bowl.

14. Five-gallon Tank

This betta owner has used a five-gallon tank to great effect to display his beautiful crowntail betta fish.

I love the use of lush background planting and natural stone to form a frame that shows off the fish perfectly. This betta certainly looks to be enjoying his palatial residence!

Note the thermometer that the owner has placed on the front wall of the tank, making it easy to check the all-important water temperature every day.

15. Majestic Betta Fish Aquarium

Majestic Betta Fish Aquarium
Image Source Here

This spacious betta tank features a castle that broods majestically over the betta’s kingdom. Resin ruins are softened by the addition of a selection of natural plants, and colored gravel completes the fairytale landscape effect.

A small heater, a low-current filtration system, and an LED light complete this simple yet very effective visual treat.

16. Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship decor fish tank
Image Source Here

If you prefer a more adventurous, less natural look for your betta tank, you may want to create an undersea scene like this one. A scuppered pirate ship complete with torn sails rests on a colored gravel seabed, surrounded by boulders and exotically colored silk plants.

There’s plenty of unobstructed surface area where the betta can feed and gulp air and a few hiding and resting places too.

17. Agrabah

Agrabah fish tank
Image Source Here

This unique underwater fantasy land features a palace that’s straight out of the Arabian Nights movie!

The designer of this creative betta fish tank has used large glass marbles and pebbles to create an interesting textured substrate, and some background greenery helps to soften the picture. The upturned glass full of pretty blue gravel in the foreground is a perfect resting place for the betta, as well as looking cool.

18. Beautiful Colors

Beautiful Colors fish tank
Find Out More

This tank is a riot of colors!

Although the light-colored gravel looks quite natural, the colorful silk plants add depth and interest to the picture. The colors are not so bright that they would detract from the betta, especially if the fish is crimson or yellow.

This betta enthusiast has provided a few resting places, a cave, and plenty of soft silk plants where their fish can chill out or explore, depending on his mood.

19. Aqueon Ascent Frameless LED Aquarium Kit, 10 Gallon

Aqueon Ascent Frameless LED Aquarium Kit, 10 Gallon

This elegant, stylish aquarium has polished edges rather than the traditional rigid frame, and a modern, floating base. The tank’s angled top gives the unit a chic and distinctive look to blend in well in any room.

The water is kept clean by the powerful filtration unit, and there’s a bright LED light concealed beneath a glass canopy. You will need to supply a small heater, decorations, and plants.

Check The Price

20. Natural and Simple

Natural and Simple fish tank
Find Out More

The betta is the star of the show in this simple, natural-looking setup.

The sandy substrate, driftwood, pebbles, and live background plants all combine to replicate the fish’s wild home habitat. There’s plenty of surface space for breathing and feeding, but I feel a few more hiding and resting places would be nice for the betta.

21. Marina Betta Starter Kit

Marina Betta Starter Kit for Aquarium

If you live in a small apartment with limited space, you can still display your betta fish in this neat cubed aquarium. You can even mount the unit on a wall. The fireworks-themed background catches the eye without detracting from the beauty of your fish and a small amount of gravel is included.

However, there’s no light, heater, or filter system with this tank, so it’s best used for temporarily housing your fish during transportation or when you’re cleaning your main display tank.

Available on Amazon

22. Betta Falls

Aqueon Betta Falls Kit

This beautiful cascading water feature is perfect for the betta fan who wants to keep more than one fish. The unit is designed to incorporate three separate betta tanks that are divided by frosted panels that prevent the fish from seeing each other.

The smooth, curved design is ideal for your office desktop, and the power filter is quiet enough not to cause disturbance when you’re on the phone or watching TV at home. The unit is fitted with a filter system that helps to keep the water clear and within the correct parameters for your bettas.

View Product

23. Betta Sorority Tank

Betta Sorority Fish Tank
Find Out More

Although it’s male bettas that grab the glory when it comes to looks, female betta fish can be just as rewarding to keep, especially if you want a nice community fish.

This owner has set up a tank for a betta sorority, using various colored plastic plants and bi-colored gravel substrate. As females lack the flashy finnage and color of the male betta fish, the colorful foliage adds to the effect, rather than detracting from the fish.

24. Tank Transformation

In this fascinating and informative YouTube video, you can learn how one owner transformed a dirty, cluttered old tank into a stunning new Dutch-style aquarium for his Plakat betta fish.

You can see how the dark substrate really shows off the fish’s metallic colors, and the lush planting provides the ideal hiding places for Richard the Plakat!

25. Mandalorian

Mandalorian fish tank
Find Out More

The Mandalorian’s helmet ornament makes this tank the perfect setup for Star Wars fans, and it provides a great cave for a betta fish to hide out in too.

A white substrate, the simple random scattering of pebbles, and one solitary plant to add contrast make this stark scene highly effective while still allowing the betta fish resident to shine.

26. Aquascaping

In this entertaining and informative YouTube video, you will learn how to aquascape a Beta Compact 30 nano tank in just 15 minutes!

The design is simple yet extremely effective with a black substrate, two rocks, and a coral ornament enhanced by lots of clever planting.

27. Umbra Fishhotel Mini Aquarium

Umbra 460410-660 FishHotel Unique Glass 2 Gallons Mini Aquarium Tank Bowl for Goldfish Betta Glofish and Small Fish perfect as Home Business Birthday Gift Ideas, White

This award-winning aquarium is modeled on contemporary condo apartments and consists of a white shell with asymmetrical windows through which the fish are viewed. Individual units may be stacked to create a realistic condo effect.

The unit does make a very unusual ornament for a desk or living room coffee table, although it does not have a filter, heater, or light.

View Product

28. Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden style fish tank
Find Out More

This Japanese garden design lends itself perfectly to the Oriental betta fish.

The designer has used just two resin decorations to set the theme for the tank, enhanced with a range of plastic and silk plants to complete the look. There’s plenty of surface area for the betta, as well as hiding and resting places aplenty.

29. AquaSprouts Garden

AquaSprouts Garden

This clever idea is a self-sustaining fish tank and aquaponics kit that makes a great feature for the home, school, or office.

The setup is pretty much self-cleaning. The plants use the fish waste in the water as fertilizer, cleaning the water as they do so.

The kit comes with everything you need, including a pump, timer, and light bar. There are also full instructions included.

Available on Amazon

In Conclusion

When choosing a good tank for your betta fish, there are several elements to consider:

  • The tank must be large enough.
  • You should include a suitable substrate to anchor plants and provide a large surface area where beneficial bacteria can grow.
  • Toys and decorations are important to keep your fish entertained and prevent boredom.
  • You should include structures such as caves and hollow logs in which your fish can sleep and hide.
  • The environment should contain plenty of plants to oxygenate the water and provide places for your betta to explore.

We hope you found lots of inspiration in our list of betta fish tank ideas!

Alison Page has been an avid fish keeper for over 35 years and has owned many different species of freshwater tropical fish including bettas. Currently Alison has two large freshwater tanks. The first tank has two huge fancy goldfish who are almost ten years old and still looking as good as ever. In the other, she has a happy community of tiger barbs, green tiger barbs, corydoras catfish, platys, and mollies.

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