Funny, Cute And Clever Goldfish Names

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One of the most fun things about getting a pet is choosing a name for him or her. Even a humble goldfish deserves a great name but picking the right one can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know whether your fish is a Mister or a Missus. And your pet is an individual, so you don’t want him to be just another Goldie or Bubbles.

In this guide, we give you a monster list of no fewer than 115 brilliant ideas for funny, cute, and clever goldfish names. Dive right in and pick the one that suits your new fishy friend the best. But choose wisely; goldfish can live for up to 20 years, and that’s a long time to live with the wrong name!

How do you choose a good name for your pet goldfish?

Well, that all depends on whether you want a serious name, a cool name, a funny name, or a traditional name.


Do goldfish have personalities? Yes, they do!

Red Fantail, hardy fancy gold fish in planted aquarium

Is your fish greedy or is he always the last one to rock up at the buffet? So, how about calling him Piggy or Fat Face? Maybe you have a comet that’s super-fast or a fat, bumbling fantail? What about Ferrari for the comet and Slowcoach for the fantail. Or perhaps your goldfish likes to chase his tankmates around the aquarium, so you could call him Chaser.

Color Pattern And Physical Appearance

Your goldfish’s size and overall appearance can be a great source of inspiration for some really cool names. If you have a round, fancy fish, you could call him Blimp or Balloon. What about your fish’s color? If he’s multicolored, call him Shubert (like Shubunkin), or Rouge if he’s red.

Boy Or Girl Fish?

If you want to give your goldfish a name that fits, you’ll want to know whether your pet is a boy or a girl. Unfortunately, determining the sex of your fish is tricky.

Goldfish mature at different ages, depending on the species, so sexing your pet is never straightforward.

Female Goldfish

How Big Do Goldfish Get? - Beautiful golden fish swimming freely inside tank with a wood background.

Female fish generally have a rounder body shape than that of males. As the fish come into breeding condition, they develop roe (eggs). That causes a bulge on one side of the fish’s body.

Female goldfish have a rounder, more protruding anal opening than the male’s, and it can become more prominent as the spawning season approaches in the warmer months of the year. Also, the anal fin of the female goldfish is typically thicker than that of the male.

Male Goldfish

Goldfish in the tank.

Male goldfish develop small white spots called tubercles on their gill shields during the breeding season. Older male fish often retain tubercles throughout the year. However, to confuse matters, sometimes female fish develop tubercles too!

Male goldfish usually have thinner, more streamlined bodies than females of the same species. The male fish’s vent is generally elongated and narrow, and it is also concave.

Observe your fish to see if it chases its tankmates. If so, then the fish is most likely male. Male goldfish tend to swim slightly underneath the female, nudging her, and following her around the tank throughout the spawning season. However, if you have two male fish, they may exhibit that behavior too!

Tips For Naming Your Goldfish

If you’re still struggling to settle on a name for your pet, here are a few more tips to help you:

Tip #1 Ask For Advice

happy mother showing to her child a fish bowl with gold fish inside

If you can’t think of a good name for your goldfish, don’t be afraid to ask others for their advice. Everyone has an opinion, and someone that you know may have a really great idea for a goldfish name that you’ve not considered yet. So, why not involve your family and friends in choosing your fish’s name

Tip #2 Go On A Name Hunt

Lamphun,Thailand - MAY 25, 2016:In a hand for man with social networking service Google on the screen IPhone 4s is largest and most popular social networking site in the world.

Try searching the web for names for your goldfish. Search by girls’ names vs. boys’ names, by color, by country, and any other categories that you can think of.

You might also want to check out a baby name book. Inside, you’ll find hundreds of names and their meanings, which could be a brilliant place to find the perfect name for your pet.

Tip #3 Name Your Goldfish After Someone

American Football player on stadium with smoke and lights.

If you love a particular movie star, you could name your fish after him or her. What about famous rock or pop singers? There’s a whole lot of inspiration to be had in that category. Don’t forget about sports stars! If you love football, name your fish after your favorite player or team manager. That being said, remember that your fish could live for at least ten years, maybe even up to 30 years, and a current football star or boy-band could be long forgotten by then.

115 Funny, Cute And Clever Goldfish Names

So, there are lots of ways to find inspiration for a great name for your pet. But in case you’re still struggling for ideas, check out our mega-list of 115 suggestions for cute and funny goldfish names. You’re sure to find what you want!

Most Popular Names For Goldfish

If you’re a traditionalist, you might want to stick to one of the most common goldfish names that have stood the test of time. Here’s a list of ten goldfish names that have always been big favorites.

Exotic Goldfish in Aquarium
1. Bubbles 2. Finny
3. Goldie 4. Jaws
5. Nemo 6. Splash
7. Sushi 8. Flash
9. Fin Fin 10. Comet

Funny Names For Goldfish

Goldfish can be funny creatures, and they can always bring a smile to your face. If your pet is amusing and tickles your funny bone, you might want to give him or her one of these amusing names that just don’t date!

Hearty and Fancy Goldfish
11. Algae B. Eater 12. Lake Skywalker
13. Agent Cody Tanks 14. Tuna Turner
15. Sea-bastian 16. Gill-y Nelson
17. Tank-erbell 18. Swim Shady
19. Gerogia O'Reef 20. James Pond

Best Names For Male Goldfish

Here are some great names you might like if your fish is a boy.

How Long do Goldfish Live? - Two Fantail goldfish with a blurry leaf background.
21. Adonis 22. Swedish
23. Joe 24. Stew
25. Lewis 26. Ace
27. Butch 28. Long John Silver
29. Bait 30. Aquaman

Best Names For Female Goldfish

If your fish is a lady, here are a few girly names that you might like to consider.

The goldfish in the water, in the cabinet.
31. Abigail 32. Evelyn
33. Monica 34. Genesis
35. Belle 36. Peyton
37. Ivy 38. Dory
39. Diana 40. Bessie

Mythological Names

Some fish just look plain mysterious and a mythological name seems perfect for these enigmatic creatures. Here are a few names you might like.

Red Parrot Cichlid, cichlasoma erythraeum
41. Athena 42. Persephone
43. Zeus 44. Poseidon
45. Artemis 46. Aphrodite
47. Demeter 48. Hera
49. Apollo 50. Hades

Cute Names For Goldfish

Many goldfish are really cute, and any of these super-sweet names are sure to fit perfectly.

Goldfish in a round aquarium.
51. Cleo 52. Dorthy
53. Yum Yum 54. Mentos
55. Copper 56. Lolly
57. Munch 58. Cheesy
59. Cutie 60. Durango

Names Based On Personality

Even a goldfish has its own unique personality. Take a close look at your pet and see if any of these great names match your fish’s persona.

Black orange goldfish in a white background.
61. Aragog 62. Brainic
63. Trickster 64. Zippy
65. Sunshine 66. Princess
67. Nibbles 68. Sweetie
69. Sugar 70. Precious

Pop Culture

Names that are taken from popular culture can make the ideal choice for your pet. Check out these super-cool suggestions.

Celestial Eye or Stargazing Goldfish
Image Source:
71. Dexter 72. Annalise
73. Billie/Billy 74. Adele
75. Bear 76. Dixon
77. Arya/ Aria 78. Grey/Gray
79. Everly/ Everleigh 80. Harper

Goldfish Names By Color

Goldfish come in many different color variations, and that can be a wonderful source of inspiration for name ideas.

Orange Fish Name Ideas

If your fish is orange, one of these glowing names might take your fancy.

Gold fish, goldfish in aquarium
81. Amber
82. Cheeto
83. Carrot
84. Butterscotch
85. Mac (and Cheese)

Red Fish Name Ideas

Red goldfish are striking and always catch admiring glances from visitors to your home. So, why not give your pet one of these great names?

Goldfish ryuikin underwater in aquarium
86. Fever
87. Fire
88. Fiery
89. Infrared
90. Ruby

Black Fish Name Ideas

Black goldfish are beautiful, and your gorgeous fishy friend deserves a name to match his or her good looks. Check out these suggestions.

Black oranda goldfish in a white background.
91. Blacky
92. Coffee
93. Slate
94. Truffle
95. Midnight

Yellow Fish Name Ideas

Yellow goldfish are quite unusual and have an enigmatic beauty all their own. Here’s a selection of golden names for a golden yellow fish.

Yellow goldfish in black background.
96. Buttercup
97. Dandelion
98. Nugget
99. Honey
100. Lemon

White Fish Name Ideas

There are lots of names that would suit a white goldfish. Here are our favorites.

white gold fish in blue background
Image Source:
101. Angie
102. Cotton
103. Cream
104. Rice
105. Bubba

Silver Fish Name Ideas

Silver goldfish make a glittering, sparkling sight in the aquarium, especially when set against a dark substrate. One of my two fantails started off with orange and silver, but as he got older, he gradually lost his orange markings, and now he’s completely silver! Luckily, I didn’t base his name on color. He’s called “Walt!”

Here are some perfect names for silver fishes.

Carassius gibelio, prussian carp or gibel carp, wide-spread and very common wild freshwater fish facing the camera in moderate coldwater biotope aquarium
106. Ash
107. Mushroom
108. Stormy
109. Smokey
110. Dusty

Brown Fish Name Ideas

It’s not unusual for juvenile goldies to be a brownish color before they mature. One of these names for a brown fish would suit your baby pet and be a quirky conversation starter when your pet grows up to be … well, gold!

Globe Eye Goldfish Isolated on White Background
111. Acorn
112. Choco
113. Muffin
114. Kitkat
115. Cocoa

Final Thoughts

Every pet deserves a great name, and we think that fishes are no exception. So, if you were struggling to think of a good name for your pet, we reckon that we have you covered!

Did you enjoy our list? If you did, please share this article with your friends and let us know your thoughts and ideas for more goldfish names in the comments box below.

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Alison Page has been an avid fish keeper for over 35 years and has owned many different species of freshwater tropical fish including bettas. Currently Alison has two large freshwater tanks. The first tank has two huge fancy goldfish who are almost ten years old and still looking as good as ever. In the other, she has a happy community of tiger barbs, green tiger barbs, corydoras catfish, platys, and mollies.

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  1. i have always wanted a big eyed goldfish and i got one like 5 minutes ago haha and i am trying to find the perfect name that fits his cuteness but also his old grumpy face when he looks straight at me.😂

  2. Hey, it’s ok to be upset.
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  3. My favorite fish was my pleco’ demelza she passed away September 1st 2021 I called her my Water Dragon= please check her out on my YouTube channel give her some love ‘ She’s very Beautiful’ and you’ll notice your favorite food is zucchini ‘ Tennessee Rose is my you tube channel.

  4. I have a black moor fish too! His name is Flash Lightning because he has a silver patch on his chest! I like to name my fish something that describes them or their behavious, or just a name that no other fish has!!
    These are all my fish names (First names and middle names)
    . Dopey Bino
    . Bes Zalis
    . Flash Lightning
    . Hickory Copper


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