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Fish Tank bikini bottom theme

Fun Fish Tank Themes

If you’d like to see some exciting aquarium designs, check this list of fun fish tank themes and learn how easy it is to bring a motif to life inside your tank!

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Eyeglasses, nose, mustache and blue fish made of paper in gray background

173 Funny And Unique Fish Puns!

For-tuna-tely, you don’t have to flounder around looking for funny fish jokes and puns, because we’ve netted 173 of the best for your amusement!


Three lucky bamboo in a light blue background.

Growing Lucky Bamboo In An Aquarium

Despite the myths and negative rumors, Lucky Bamboo is a beautiful and safe option for planted freshwater aquariums!


Vallisneria plant and rocks in the aquarium

Vallisneria: Aquatic Plant Care Guide

It doesn’t take a green thumb or expensive equipment to aquascape an aquarium when you choose low maintenance Vallisneria aquatic plants!


Beautiful goldfish in an aquarium.

Funny, Cute And Clever Goldfish Names

If you’re getting a goldfish as a pet, you’ll need to think of a great name for him. Check out this article for some funny, cute, and clever goldfish names.