Where Can I Buy A Clownfish? 7 Online Fish Stores For Healthy Clownfish

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Long before the clownfish made its silver screen debut on Finding Nemo, it’s been capturing the hearts of reef aquarium enthusiasts for many years. This adorable marine fish delights with its unique appearance and quirky mannerisms – fishkeepers particularly enjoy watching them interact with a host anemone!

Given the clownfish’s reputation as one of the most popular species of fish in the marine fishkeeping hobby, we’ve compiled a list of 5 places for you to buy clownfish online! These sources have been carefully vetted for their reliability and guarantees, and we hope you find this list helpful.

7 Places To Buy Clownfish Online

1. That Fish Place – That Pet Place

That Pet Place logo

Based in Lancaster, PA, That Fish Place occupies an impressive 88,000 square feet space and contains over 700 aquariums. It was first established as family-owned aquarium store in 1973, but has since expanded to include other pet supply categories. Be that as it may, it remains true to its roots as a fish store, even going as far as to have marine biologists on-site.

As far as clownfish varieties go, That Fish Place does not disappoint. The site features 85 different types of captive-bred clownfish, neatly grouped into categories based on their source and ability to get along with other fish. These fish also come at reasonable price points, making them accessible to most hobbyists.

Clownfish enthusiasts who want to learn more about these fun, lively creatures are invited to take a look at store’s affiliated blog, That Fish Blog. Containing articles on niche topics such as clownfish social structures and anemone selection, the blog addresses many of the questions hobbyists may have about keeping their new pet happy and healthy.

Refund/Guarantee Policy:

While The Fish Place does all it can to ensure that your fish arrives healthy, they do have a hassle-free returns policy in place to manage the uncertainty of shipping livestock. All fish come with a 14-day guarantee period with clear documentation requirements, and refunds are made via the customer’s payment method.

2. Barrier Reef Aquariums

Barrier Reef Logo

Bareer Reef Aquariums was founded in 1998 as an aquarium servicing business before eventually opening a retail store in Renton, Washington that stocks live fish. Over the course of its 23-year history, the store has been dedicated to educating reef hobbyists. Professionalism and sincerity is at the core of their business model, and it shows in their low pressure, friendly customer service.

If you care deeply about supporting local businesses, you’ll feel right at home shopping at this fish store. The hobbyists behind the operation sources good quality, healthy fish from local hobbyists as well as from established sources such as the ORA.

Every clownfish sold at the store is captive-bred within the US. This policy maximizes the odds of your fish arriving healthy, as they weren’t subjected to the stress associated with importing livestock. Most clownfish sold by Barrier Reef Aquariums are sourced from the ORA, which has made a name for itself due to the quality of fish bred by the organization.

Refund/Guarantee Policy:

Like most reputable online fish stores, Barrier Reef Aquariums offers a live arrival guarantee on all online livestock purchases, provided that the claims are submitted within 24 hours of receipt. Refunds are made in the form of store credit and are contingent upon meeting their terms and conditions, which includes sticking to proper acclimatization procedures.

3. Live Aquaria

LiveAquaria.com logo

Live Aquaria is one of the most established names in the fishkeeping space, and for good reason. This online fish store is run by a team of expert aquarists with decades of combined experience between them, which means that buyers can rest assured knowing that their concerns will be addressed by individuals with expertise in the hobby.

In addition to their remarkable customer service, Live Aquaria also makes sure to source their fish responsibly from hatcheries located in the US, Asia, and, Europe that practice top-notch husbandry. Doing so is part of the store’s overarching mandate to provide alternatives to wild-caught fish wherever possible.

As one of the largest and most established fish stores on the internet, Live Aquaria makes shopping for fish online a streamlined and professional experience.

Refund/Guarantee Policy:

The 7-Day Arrive Alive, Stay Alive, Risk-Free Guarantee provides customers with hassle-free refunds provided that acclimatization procedures are adhered to correctly. The site contains a convenient aquatic life returns form to expedite the process for its customers. 

4. Vivid Aquariums

Vividaquariums.com logo

Based in LA, Vivid Aquariums has been in the industry for over 15 years and has catered to the needs of many satisfied customers since. The team strongly believes in educating their customers on the hobby, and does so via detailed livestock descriptions, educational videos, and general guides on fish compatibility and tank cycling.

Given their dedication to the hobby, the team makes sure to source clownfish from trustworthy sources such as the ORA. These fish come at different price points to cater to the needs of different budgets, which ensures that every aquarist is able to find the fish they’re looking for.

In addition to clownfish, Vivid Aquariums also stocks compatible anemones and aquarium supplies that will help your fish feel at home. The team believes in only carrying products they have used and can stand by, which means that you’ll have access to a well-curated selection of supplies.

Refund/Guarantee Policy:

Vivid Aquariums offers a 10-day Livestock Guarantee on all their fish, and will issue store credit to customers whose fish do not survive past the guarantee window. The site provides detailed acclimatization guides and water parameter requirements that customers should abide by in order to qualify for the guarantee.

5. Oceans Garden Aquaculture

oceans garden logo

Oceans Garden Aquaculture prides itself on sourcing captive-bred fish from “powerhouse aquaculturists” such as ORA, Proquatix, and their own breeding facilities. This online fish store prides itself on only selling the finest captive-bred fish, opting to steer clear of wild-caught clownfish entirely. 

This focus on captive-bred clownfish may make it easier for hobbyists to keep their new pets happy and healthy. Many aquarists find it easier to keep captive-bred clownfish as opposed to their wild-caught counterparts because they are accustomed to living in tanks and eating fish food. In contrast, wild-caugh fish may be stressed out in a captive environment.

Focusing on captive-bred clownfish also allows Ocean Garden Aquaculture to list an impressive 64 species of clownfish for sale on its site, ranging from white-out designer clownfish to the more common maroon clownfish. Regardless of the species of clownfish, you opt for, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting quality fish at reasonable prices.

Refund/Guarantee Policy:

The guarantee policy at Oceans Garden Aquaculture is average by industry standards – buyers have three hours after delivery to submit any claims for fish that arrive DOA. Buyers that want to guarantee their fish’s survival for a longer period of time can also opt to purchase a 5-day guarantee at checkout for $10.50. All refunds are made via the original payment method.

6. Petco

Petco - Logo

You wouldn’t expect a big box store like Petco to carry a wide array of clownfish species, but that’s exactly what we discovered when we took a look at their site! When it comes to clownfish types, Petco surprised us with their diversity, carrying everything from the common False Percula Clownfish to the distinct and unique-looking Frostbite Clownfish.

The fact that Petco carries different types of clownfish is good news for saltwater fish enthusiasts. If they have a specific aesthetic in mind for their reef aquarium or companion anemone, these owners can select clownfish that best matches their needs. Because hobbyists are only encouraged to keep two clownfish per tank, they want to pick species that stand out!

Beginners to the hobby may worry about designer clownfish having specific dietary or water parameter needs. For the most part, these fish have the same needs and requirements as the regular ocellaris clownfish. However, if you have any doubts or questions, Petco’s customer service personnel are more than ready to help you out via their online Q&A function, or in-store!

Refund/Guarantee Policy:

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Petco’s industry-leading 30-day guarantee on live aquatics purchased online. Because is an inherent risk associated with shipping live fish and invertabrates, Petco’s generous 30-day survival guarantee goes a long way in putting their customers at ease.

7. Saltwater Fish

Saltwaterfish logo

The aptly named SaltwaterFish.com is home to dozens of saltwater fish, corals, live rocks, invertebrates, and other saltwater aquarium supplies for sale at reasonable and competitive prices. The site boasts an impressive 44 species of clownfish from different wild-caught and captive-bred sources.

The extensive range of clownfish available on their site means that you will be able to purchase these beautiful fish at different price points, and with different markings. Beyond the white and orange-colored fish that one associates with clownfish, enthusiasts can also look forward to colors such as maroon, white, and black. These fish look most at home when paired with host anemones.

Hobbyists with a desire to make an positive social impact with their purchases will be pleased to learn about the Deep Blue Seas Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation established by Saltwater Fish to positively impact the fishing villages and villagers from whom they source their fish. This foundation was established as part of their larger sustainability mandate.

Refund/Guarantee Policy:

As far as guarantees go, saltwater fish has one of the fairest policies in the industry. Buyers who receive fish that are DOA will receive full refunds as long as their claims are submitted within 5 hours of delivery. In addition, owners with fish that do not survive past their 15-day live guarantee window will be issued refunds in the form of store credit. 


Can Clownfish Be Kept Alone?

Yes, clownfish can be kept alone, though they do best in groups of two. However, you should avoid keeping more than 2 clownfish – too many of them within a confined space can lead to territorial disputes.

Your odds of helping your clownfish get along are the greatest when you introduce them to each other at a young age. In addition, captive-bred fish are more likely to co-exist peacefully compared to their wild-caught counterparts as they are more accustomed to having tankmates.

What Is The Rarest Clownfish?

Most associate clownfish with the Percula or Oceallaris species, but the McCullochi Clownfish is the rarest clownfish in the hobby. Native to Lord Howe Island off the Australian mainland, the McCullochi Clownfish features a dark brown or black body with a single white stripe serving as a demarcation between its head and its abdomen.

Juvenile fish tend to have lighter-colored bodies that are closer to brown than black. In addition, they typically have three white stripes instead of one solitary bar. Wild McCullochi Clownfish tend to be more aggressive than most clownfish, but their captive-bred counterparts are known to be significantly less so. 

What Is The Lifespan Of A Clownfish?

Clownfish in the wild can live for up to 10 years, but the average lifespan of those raised in captivity is approximately 5 years. The unfortunate reason behind this discrepancy is poor husbandry. Clownfish need a proper filtration system and compatible tankmates to thrive. Learn more about how to care for saltwater fish here.

The good news is, clownfish that are properly taken care of have been known to live for up to 30 years. Treat your fish well, and you’ll have this fishy companion by your side for years to come!


We hope this article gave you some good pointers on where to buy quality clownfish online! These awesome fish deserve a starring role in any saltwater tank and will thrive in well-maintained aquariums with compatible tankmates. Talk to us in the comments section if you have any questions or doubts!

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