Bare Bottom Goldfish Tank Ideas for a Minimalistic Look

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If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of luxury to your home without spending a fortune, then consider bare bottom goldfish tanks. They are stylish and modern, but they’re also incredibly easy to maintain. Plus, since there are no plants or decorations to take care of, you’ll have more time to enjoy your fish!

So, what are some of the best bare bottom goldfish tank ideas? Keep reading to find out!

Is A Bare-Bottomed Tank Right For My Goldfish?

Before we get into the different ways you can set up your bare-bottom goldfish tank. It’s important to first determine if this type of setup is right for your fish. Goldfish are notoriously messy eaters and produce a lot of waste. This waste can accumulate in substrates and lead to problems with water quality.

On the other hand, a bare-bottomed tank is much easier to keep clean since there are no substrates for the waste to get trapped in. This makes them a great option for goldfish owners who don’t want to deal with the hassle of constantly cleaning their tank.

There are a few drawbacks to bare-bottom tanks, however. They can be more difficult to cycle since there is no substrate for beneficial bacteria to live in. Another is that goldfish tend to like having plants to hide in, so a bare bottom tank may not be the best option for shy or skittish fish.

Lastly, bare-bottom tanks can be more difficult to keep cool in the summer months. If you live in an area with high temperatures, you may need to add an aquarium chiller to your tank to keep the water at a comfortable temperature for your goldfish.

The Best Bare Bottomed Tank Setups

Now that you know some of the pros and cons of bare bottom tanks, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to set up your own.

1. Consider a minimalist setup

minimalist setup with a no cat sign
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One of the great things about bare bottom tanks is that they lend themselves well to a minimalist approach. If you’re not sure what that means, think clean lines, simple shapes, and a lack of clutter.

To achieve this look, start by choosing a tank made from glass or acrylic. Then, add some smooth rocks or driftwood to create negative space and visual interest. Finally, stock your tank with just a few goldfish – too many fish will make the tank look cluttered and busy.

2. Go for a contemporary look

contemporary look of an aquarium with stones, driftwood and an artificial plant
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Another great option for bare bottom goldfish tanks is a contemporary setup. This style is all about sleek lines and modern design, and it’s the perfect way to show off your Goldfish.

One way to create a contemporary look is to opt for a tank with a unique, modern shape and clean lines. Then, add a few simple decorations, like floating logs or pieces of driftwood. Finally, stock your tank with goldfish with interesting color patterns or markings.

3. Choose an elegant design

Goldfish in a round aquarium.

Bare bottom goldfish tanks also lend themselves well to an elegant look. If you want to create a sophisticated space, start by choosing a tank made from high-quality materials, like glass or crystal. Then, some tasteful decorations, like live plants that don’t require substrates, or carved rocks.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a few key pieces that will make a statement, rather than filling the tank with a lot of small items.

4. Go for a fun and funky look

Balancing fish bowl
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Not every bare bottom goldfish tank has to be serious – you can also have a lot of fun with your design! If you want to add some personality to your space, start by choosing a tank made from colorful materials, like acrylic or plastic.

Then, add some fun decorations, like toy fish or brightly-colored rocks. Feel free to go as creative and crazy as you want – the sky’s the limit!

5. Keep it simple

Fish Tank

Of course, you don’t always have to go all-out with your bare bottom goldfish tank. If you’re looking for a more low-maintenance option, start by choosing a tank made from easy-to-clean materials, like glass or plastic. Some materials, like acrylic, can also be scratch-resistant, which is helpful if you have an active goldfish.

Then, add a few simple decorations, such as a hardy live plant, or a piece of tank décor that’s easy to clean. Stock your tank with just a few goldfish, and you’re all set!

6. Jazz it up with LED Lights

dark blue LED Lights with a goldfish
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One way to really make your bare bottom goldfish tank stand out is to add some LED lights. These days, there are all sorts of fun and creative ways to use LED lights to decorate your tank.

You could opt for a basic LED light strip to add some extra light to your tank. Or, go for something more creative, like color-changing lights that you can use to create different moods and atmospheres.

7. Consider using uniquely-shaped bowls

Fish Tank - Betta Fish Bowl Goldfish Aquarium Kit Beta Fishbowl for Crabs Turtle Reptile Jellyfish Shrimp Algae Insects

Fishkeepers who fancy a touch of whimsy may want to consider using uniquely-shaped bowls as their bare bottom goldfish tanks. You can find all sorts of fun and funky bowl designs these days, from simple glass bowls to elaborate hand-blown pieces.

This scallop-shaped bowl, for example, transports your goldfish to an underwater world that’s straight out of a storybook. We love that it’s both fun and functional!

8. Create a Zen garden

zen garden

The sight of these rocks stacked precariously atop one another may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who appreciate the serenity of a well-crafted Zen garden, this bare bottom goldfish tank is sure to please.

This design is also perfect for those who want a low-maintenance tank, as there’s no need to worry about substrate or live plants. Simply add a few hardy plants, like Anubias or Java Ferns, and you’re good to go!

9. Introduce distinctive elements

minimal fish tank with an stone idol and an artificial plant
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Some people genuinely like the look and feel of a bare-bottomed tank, while others want a tank that looks more natural and complete. If you’re in the latter group, then it’s a good idea to add some distinctive elements to your tank, like large tank décor and plants that look lush and full while being very easy to maintain.

This will help balance out the bare look of your tank while also adding a touch of visual interest. Feel free to get creative – there are no rules when it comes to design!

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that you now have plenty of ideas for creating your own bare-bottom goldfish tank. Remember, there are no rules for design, so feel free to get creative and make your tank your own!

Do you have any bare bottom goldfish tanks of your own? We’d love to see them! Feel free to share photos of your tanks in the comments below, and leave us a comment if you have any questions!

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