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Alison Page

35+ Years As An Aquarist

Alison is a professional writer, dressage judge, and aquarist with over 35 years in the hobby. Alison writes for Tankarium, FiveBarks, Aquariadise, and more. When Alison isn’t busy checking the water parameters, trimming plants, cleaning filters, or talking to her fish (yes, she absolutely does!), you’ll find her judging at regional dressage events, walking her Shih-Poo, Raffles, through the Cheshire countryside, or cuddling her two rescue cats.


  • Writing for Tankarium, How To Dressage, and publishing two novels.
  • 35 years of experience keeping fish, horses, dogs, and cats.


Alison is an experienced aquarist who began her fishkeeping odyssey as a child, starting with a basic 10-gallon tank that housed two cheap feeder goldfish. As the fish grew, the tank was upsized, and more goldfish of different varieties were added. Today, Alison’s tropical freshwater tank houses a happy community of barbs, corydoras, gouramis, and a beautiful betta.

In 2002, Alison worked in a veterinary clinic in the UK as Practice Manager before beginning her writing career in 2009. Alison has written thousands of articles on fishkeeping and pet-related subjects for numerous websites and two short novels. Alison is also a professional dressage judge, officiating at numerous events throughout the year.


  • HND in Business Studies, 1982 (Carlett Park COT, UK)
  • BSc in Equine Science, 2000 (OCES, Sussex, UK)

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