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can african dwarf frogs live with bettas

Can African Dwarf Frogs Live With Bettas?

Can African dwarf frogs and bettas live together? Learn how to keep these feisty animals together in the same tank, while keeping things calm and friendly!

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female betta fish

How To Introduce Female Bettas

Bettas can be wonderful pets, but introducing two females is tricky. We’ll share some tips on introducing female bettas to help properly avoid conflict.

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betta fish facts for kids

27 Fun Betta Fish Facts for Kid

Betta fish are a popular choice for kids due to their bold colors. Here are some fun facts about betta fish that your kids might not know.

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snails and betta fish

Snail and Betta Fish – Can they Live Together

Many people enjoy keeping both betta fish and snails in their aquariums. But can these two different types of creatures live together peacefully? Let’s find out!

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betta fries

Baby Betta Fish Care 

If you’re thinking about getting a baby betta fish, or have already brought one home, this guide will help you care for your new betta fish.

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aquarium with air bubbles

Do Betta Fish Need an Air Pump?

There is a lot of conflicting information about whether bettas need an air pump. This article sets the record straight and tells you all you need to know!

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Betta fish close up

Betta Channoides – A.K.A. Snakehead Betta

Snakehead bettas, also known as betta channoides, are cousins of the popular betta splendens. Learn how to care for these interesting fish in this article!

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Betta fish in a bowl

How To Take Care of Betta Fish in a Bowl

Betta fish have a reputation for being hardy and resilient. But even the strongest fish needs special care when kept in a bowl! This guide explains it all!

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Aquatic fish parasites

Parasite on Betta Fish – Causes & Treatments

Ever wondered what causes parasitic infections in betta fish? This article teaches how to prevent and treat the most common parasitic infections! Read on!