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Aged betta fish in white background.

Why Is My Betta Fish Turning White?

Did you know that betta fish can change color? So, why is your betta fish turning white? Read this guide to find out.

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Bi-color betta fish in a black background.

17 Tips To Have A Happy Betta Fish

You want your betta buddy to be a happy fish, right? Read this guide to discover 17 tips to have a happy betta fish.

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Betta splenden fish

How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

Betta fish are one of the most popular fish in the hobby. If you’ve ever wondered how long they live and how to increase their lifespan, read on!

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Betta Fish inside a small tank

Guide To Selling Betta Fish

If you want to raise bettas for profit, you need to know how to sell your fish. Read this article to learn the requirements for fish breeding and selling bettas.