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Betta Fish inside a small tank

Guide To Selling Betta Fish

If you want to raise bettas for profit, you need to know how to sell your fish. Read this article to learn the requirements for fish breeding and selling bettas.

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2 Betta Fishes swimming

Basics Of Breeding Betta Fish

It takes some preparation to successfully mate betta fish, so check out our step-by-step instructions in this Basic Betta Breeding Guide!

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Betta fish nibbling on gravel.

Best Substrate for Bettas

A brief guide covering the best substrate for betta aquariums along with detailed product reviews.

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Aquarium with decorations and bubbles on water.

Best Betta Water Conditioners

A quick guide to choosing and using the best betta water conditioner for your tank! Includes product recommendations and detailed reviews.

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Three sample filters on blue background.

Best Filter for Bettas

A quick guide choosing the best filter for bettas, including how to modify a filter with a baffle and product recommendations for tanks of all sizes.

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Betta Fish inside the tank

17 Betta Fish Toys and Décor

Do betta fish get bored? Yes, they do! Check out this article for some practical ideas on how you can entertain and train your fishy friend!

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Aquarium with plants and substrate

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

29 brilliant ideas to find the perfect aquarium that your beautiful betta fish can call home.