Where Is The Best Place To Buy Aquarium Plants?

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All freshwater fish tanks can benefit greatly from the addition of some living aquatic plants. 

Plants absorb harmful chemicals such as nitrates to use as a source of nutrition, helping to keep the aquarium water safe for your fish. As part of the process of photosynthesis, plants give off oxygen and take up carbon dioxide, playing an important role in oxygenating the tank. And an imaginatively aquascaped setup can show off your prize fishes beautifully, too.

So, what’s the best place to buy aquarium plants?

Read this guide to find out!

16 Best Places To Buy Aquarium Plants

For your plants to have the best chance of thriving, you need to buy good quality specimens at the get-go. 

Here are our 16 favorite places to buy high-quality aquarium plants for your fish tank.

1. Amazon.com

Amazon building in Santa Clara, California
  • Various suppliers
  • U.S.-based
  • Online store portal

Amazon.com is probably the most popular and well-known global online marketplace. On the Amazon platform, you can buy pretty much anything, from books, clothing, sports equipment, live fish, and much more besides.

Here, you’ll find a range of online stores offering live aquatic plants for sale at a range of prices.

2. Petco

PASADENA, CA/USA - SEPTEMBER 5, 2016: Petco retail store sign and logo. Petco Animal Supplies is a privately held pet retailer in the United States.
  • Terrestrial stores
  • U.S.-based
  • Online ordering available

Petco has over 1,500 stores countrywide, and it also offers an efficient online ordering service. 

You can buy an impressive range of potted live aquatic plants, so there’s something here for every aquarium, regardless of whether you need a high medium or low-light species.

3. Pets Warehouse

pets warehouse logo
  • Terrestrial stores
  • U.S.-based
  • Online ordering available

Pets Warehouse has a few terrestrial stores as well as a big online presence. 

The store carries a wide range of over 200 different species of plants, including some unusual varieties that you won’t often see in smaller pet stores. If the plant you want isn’t in stock, Pets Warehouse will order the specimen for you.

4. Petmountain.com

Petmountain.com logo
  • Online pet supplies store
  • U.S.-based
  • Coupons and bulk deals available

Petmountain.com is an online retailer that sells pet supplies, including a range of artificial aquatic plants.

If you don’t want to use live plants in your fish tank, you might want to consider using silk plants instead, and Petmountain.com sells a few silk plants in pretty colors. 

5. Liveaquaria.com

LiveAquaria.com logo
  • Online aquarium supplies store
  • U.S.-based
  • Wide range available

Liveaquaria.com is a popular online retailer that specializes in supplying aquarium equipment, fish food, live fish, corals, and other sundries for marine and freshwater hobbyists.

They sell a range of plants, including some multipacks that offer excellent value for money and are ideal for you if you’re into aquascaping.

6. Aquatic Arts

Aquaticarts.com profile picture
  • Online aquarium supplies store
  • U.S.-based
  • Wide range available

Aquaticarts.com is a longstanding online retailer that offers everything you need for your fish tank. The website is packed with useful information for hobbyists, and they also offer loyalty incentives to regular customers.

There’s a good range of living freshwater plants to choose from, and delivery is quick and efficient.

7. The Wet Spot Tropical Fish

The Wet Spot Tropical Fish logo
  • Terrestrial store
  • U.S.-based in Portland
  • Online store

The Wet Spot Tropical Fish is a fish store that’s based in Portland. They also have an online store.

The store has a wide range of tropical aquatic plants, including many favorites and some more unusual species, too. The list of what’s available is updated every week, so check to see if they have what you want before calling.

8. Imperial Tropicals

Imperialtropicals.com logo
  • Online retailer
  • U.S.-based
  • Well-established

Imperial Tropicals has been in existence since 1970, so they have a wealth of experience to offer their customers.

As well as a nice range of fish and associated aquarium supplies, Imperial Tropicals stocks a decent range of aquatic plants. If you don’t see what you want, just ask, and they’ll do their best to source the plant for you.

9. Aquarium Co-Op

Aquarium-coop logo
  • Online retailer
  • U.S.-based
  • Well-established

Aquarium Co-Op is an online retailer specializing in aquatic plants and tropical freshwater fish.

As well as a fantastic range of plants, the website has a blog and links to some really useful and interesting sites. There’s also a forum where you can exchange tips and knowledge with other aquarists.

10. Aquarium Plants Factory

Aquarium plants factory logo
  • Online retailer
  • U.S.-based
  • Aquatic plants specialist

Aquarium Plants Factory specializes in growing and supplying aquatic plants. They also offer a range of freshwater fish.

The plants are all grown on the family farm in California and are harvested on the day they’re shipped, so you know that the specimens you’re getting are fresh, healthy, and sure to thrive.

11. eBay.com

SAN JOSE, CA/USA - MARCH 1, 2014: Ebay Corporate Headquarters Sign. eBay Inc. is an American multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California.
  • Online marketplace
  • Worldwide locations
  • Multiple sellers

eBay.com is the world’s largest and best-known auction site. You can also “buy now” to purchase brand-new products.

There’s a large number of traders on eBay that offer live aquarium plants for sale. Take your pick of sellers but pay attention to where they’re located, as not all the merchants are located in the US.

12. Buceplant.com

Buceplants.com logo
  • Online store
  • U.S.-based
  • Aquascaping product specialist

Buceplant.com is an online supplier of high-quality aquascaping products.

Here, you can buy everything you need to create beautiful aquascapes and underwater gardens in your freshwater tank, from live aquarium plants and plant food to natural decorations.

They also sell a range of aquarium accessories, fish foods, and the like.

13. Aquabid.com

Aquabid logo
  • Online auction site
  • U.S.-based
  • Multiple sellers

Aquabid.com is a popular auction site that focuses on buying and selling pretty much anything aquarium hobby-related.

Here, you can buy live fish, equipment, and live plants. What’s on offer depends on who is advertising their goods on the site at any one time, and do be aware that many of the sellers are based in the Far East.

14. Aquariumplants.com

Aquariumplants.com logo
  • Online plant-focused site
  • U.S.-based in California
  • Aquascaping supplies specialist

Aquariumplants.com is an online store that’s aimed firmly at the aquascape enthusiast.

They sell plants, plant food, CO2 unit equipment, driftwood, rockwork, and the like. There’s also a good range of shrimp, snails, and crabs that you might want to include in your aquarium setup.

15. Petsmart.com

  • Online plant-focused site
  • U.S.-based in California
  • Aquascaping supplies specialist

Petsmart.com is one of the largest and most popular online pet stores on the web. They offer foods and equipment for pretty much any species of pets, including aquarium fish.

You can buy some nice quality artificial plants for your tank, and they also sell real Marimo moss balls. 

16. That Pet Place Pet Supplies

That Pet Place logo
  • Terrestrial store
  • U.S.-based
  • Online store

That Pet Place Pet Supplies is a massive retail pet store that also has an online presence.

As well as marine and freshwater livestock and aquarium supplies, they offer a wide range of freshwater plants, including all your favorites, plus a few more unusual species.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed our guide on where to buy high-quality aquarium plants.

Living plants make a valuable addition to any freshwater setup. As well as looking beautiful, plants help to keep the water safe for your fish by taking up nitrates and CO2 and giving off oxygen. Shy fish and vulnerable fry also use plants for shelter, and bettas love to use flat leaves as hammocks.

If you have any questions, please put them in the comments box below, and don’t forget to share this article if you loved it!

Alison Page has been an avid fish keeper for over 35 years and has owned many different species of freshwater tropical fish including bettas. Currently Alison has two large freshwater tanks. The first tank has two huge fancy goldfish who are almost ten years old and still looking as good as ever. In the other, she has a happy community of tiger barbs, green tiger barbs, corydoras catfish, platys, and mollies.

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