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guppies laying on bottom of tank

Why Are Guppies Laying On the Bottom of Tank

Guppies are active, outgoing fish. But why do you sometimes find a guppy or two lying on the bottom of the tank? Read on to learn everything you need to know!

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17 Most Common Guppy Diseases

Guppies are hardy fish, but even the strongest creatures fall sick from time to time. Here are 17 of the most common guppy diseases you should learn about!

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Aquatic fish parasites

Parasite on Betta Fish – Causes & Treatments

Ever wondered what causes parasitic infections in betta fish? This article teaches how to prevent and treat the most common parasitic infections! Read on!

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Betta fix with two betta fish

Bettafix Review – Does it Work?

API’s Bettafix is widely used and can be found in virtually every pet store. But does it actually work? Read on and learn everything you need to know!