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Fitting a fish tank background is an easy, inexpensive way to add individuality, perspective, and depth to your aquarium. 

Aquarium backgrounds can be used to brighten up a tank that doesn’t have much decoration, and using rock aquarium background cling vinyl is an excellent way of creating the perfect ocean backdrop for a saltwater setup without cluttering valuable swimming space. 

You can buy large aquarium backgrounds, although you might prefer to use printable aquarium backgrounds or even create your own DIY aquarium background paper from scratch.

Read this guide to discover 19 fish tank backdrop options!

19 Best Fish Tank Background Ideas

Here are 19 excellent fish tank background ideas to inspire you and transform your aquarium.

Aquarium Background Cling

These removable aquarium backgrounds are designed to adhere to the outside of the viewing pane.

1. SPORN Aquarium Background

SPORN Aquarium Background, Static Cling, Tropical

With their bright colors and detailed HD images, Sporn Aquarium Backgrounds create a beautiful, realistic effect that enhances your tank and hides unsightly wiring.

The backgrounds can be cut to fit most tank sizes, including a 55-gallon setup. All you need to do is spray the viewing pane with water, apply the background, and use a squeegee to get rid of air bubbles. To remove the background, simply peel off. The cling leaves no residue or marks on the glass.

2. SPORN Static Cling Coral

Sporn Static Cling Coral Aquarium Background, Medium

Here’s another offering from Sporn. This time, the background is designed for saltwater tanks, featuring an ocean backdrop.

The background adds dimension and depth to your fish tank by reducing background light and masking any wires and other clutter behind the tank. Again, you don’t need any adhesive or tape to fix the background. It clings easily, can be adjusted to fit your tank, and simply peels off.

3. SPORN Static Cling Ocean Floor

SPORN Aquarium Background, Static Cling, Ocean Floor

This aquarium background is perfect if you want to hide cables and other equipment that would otherwise be in plain sight.

The bare ocean floor scene has no distractions, providing the ideal backdrop for brightly colored marine species.

4. Galapagos Terrarium Backgrounds

Galapagos Terrarium Backgrounds - Aquatic Plant

Galapagos Terrarium Backgrounds can be used on aquariums too! These cling backgrounds are super easy to apply without the need for glue or tape. And when you’re done, simply peel off the background and change it to something else.

Bring your fish tank to life with one of eight different designs, including:

  • Arid
  • Woodland
  • Desert
  • Mangrove
  • Aquatic plant
  • Temple
  • Forest

These backgrounds hold up very well to UV light exposure, and the high-resolution are incredibly realistic.

Large Aquarium Backgrounds

If you have a really large aquarium, you need one of these beautiful background options.

5. PVC Fish Tank Background

PVC Fish Tank Background Adhesive Underwater Forest Tank Background Poster Backdrop Decoration Paper

This beautiful underwater forest backdrop creates a stunning 3D effect that gives your tank extra depth and makes the whole setup look much bigger.

The self-adhesive background is made from high-quality PVC that’s waterproof, wipe-clean, and durable. The background attaches easily to the tank glass and can be removed without leaving any residue or marks. 

6. SeaView Double-Sided Desert Dream & Deep Flora Terrarium Background

SeaView Double-Sided Desert Dream & Deep Flora Terrarium Background

This gorgeous, brightly-colored background scene is designed for use with terrariums, although it looks just as good when used for aquariums. 

The background is sized specifically for tanks up to 45 gallons and can be trimmed to fit. The static cling paper is double-sided and reusable, so you can ring the changes when you want to without having to buy a whole fresh background.

7. Vepotek Double-Sided Fish Aquarium Background

Vepotek Double-Sided Fish Aquarium Background

Vepotek Double-Sided Aquarium Background comes in three unique designs, including:

  • Deep Seabed & Coral Rock
  • Ocean Seabed & Coral Reef
  • Deep Sea & Water Plants

The background is made from high-quality anti-wrinkle, waterproof material that you can cut to precisely fit your tank. The material has three layers for durability and the rich, vibrant colors are guaranteed to bring your fish tank to life.

8. Blue Life USA Water Colors Aquarium Background – 72 X 30”

Blue Life USA Water Colors Aquarium Background

If you want to add a permanent black background to your tank that will really set off your aquascape design, the Blue Life USA Water Colors Aquarium Background is what you need!

The material is pre-cut for a truly professional finish and comes complete with everything you need to apply it to your tank. You can use the background on glass and acrylic tanks to improve lighting efficiency and add visual depth to your setup.

Once the material is in place, you won’t need to re-tape or tape it and there are no messy toxic paints to worry about.

9. Fantasy Star Aquarium Background

Fantasy Star Aquarium Background Fish Tank Wallpaper Easy

For a patriotic background to your fish tank, look no further than this gorgeous, eye-catching Stars and Stripes American flag aquarium background!

The high-quality PVC background is waterproof and easy to apply and remove without the need for messy adhesives. The background is pre-sized and comes in a wide range of different sizes to fit most large and small tanks.

Rock Aquarium Background

A rock background can add a beautiful, natural look to your setup that really shows off your fish.

10. Universal Rocks 48-Inch by 20-Inch Rocky Flexible Aquarium Background

Universal Rocks 48-Inch by 20-Inch Rocky Flexible Aquarium Background

This aquarium background is designed to fit inside your fish tank, creating a realistic rock face across the back wall of your aquarium.

The background is easy to install and can be removed for cleaning if necessary. The product is completely flexible, and you can use it in tanks with center braces simply by bending the background as much as necessary to fit. If necessary, you can trim the background to fit your tank.

11. Vepotek Double-Sided Fish Aquarium Background

Vepotek Double-Sided Fish Aquarium Background

This Vepotec fish aquarium background comes in several designs and sizes to suit most tanks and can be trimmed to fit if necessary.

The high-quality, anti-wrinkle background is waterproof and fits easily onto the back viewing pane of your tank. And you can remove it when you fancy giving your fish a change of scenery.

12. Aquarium 3D Foam Rock Stone Background

Aquarium 3D Foam Rock Stone Background Reptile Cage Backdrop Fish Tank Board Decorations

If you want an interior background that adds a 3-D look to your fish tank, this foam rock-effect product could be ideal for you.

The background is attached to the tank wall with silicone glue so it won’t come off, and the product is made from non-toxic materials that won’t leach color or anything else into the water that might harm your fish.

Printable Aquarium Backgrounds

For a huge range of designs and styles and the ultimate in flexibility, check out these printable aquarium backgrounds!

13. Printable Aquarium Background Photo

Plant Printable Aquarium Background Photo

This simple yet effective background photo can be downloaded and printed out on your home printer. The advantage of this type of fish tank background is that you can print the paper to the exact size you want and on the material that you like.

Printing your own aquarium background can also work out cheaper than buying one.

14. DepositPhotos Printable Background

Anubias in a aquarium

DepositPhotos has a wide range of different aquarium backgrounds that you can print out. Choose from traditional, freshwater aquascapes, exotic blackwater scenes, and otherworldly oceanic images.

15. Canva Printable Background

Aquarium at night

I love this printable background from Canva! 

The image shows a beautiful, atmospheric nighttime aquarium scene, complete with a few fish highlighted in the moonlight effect. Gorgeous!

16. Canva Printable Deep Sea Background

Underwater Scene With Coral Reef And Exotic Fishes

Here’s another absolutely divine printable aquarium background scene from Canva.

This image pictures an ocean scene where rays and sharks glide through the deep blue water in company with butterflyfish, tangs, and even a delightful turtle! This background is perfect for a marine or reef tank and even features a bustling coral reef.

DIY Aquarium Backgrounds

If you’re up for a challenge, you could create your own aquarium background from scratch.

17. DIY 3-D Rockwork Background

3D Aquarium Background
Full tutorial at:

This creative hobbyist has made a stunning rockwork background for his large aquarium.

If you’re handy and DIY or you enjoy crafting, you might want to take on the challenge, follow the detailed instructions provided, and recreate this piece of underwater artwork for your own tank.

18. DIY 3-D Real Rock Background

DIY 3-D Real Rock Background
Image Source:

If you have a huge tank that’s sitting on a very robust stand that will take plenty of weight, you might want to try replicating the real rockwork background that this enterprising aquarist has created.

DIY Aquarium Background Paper

19. DIY 3-D Aquarium Background Paper

Check out this simple video tutorial to learn how to make your own DIY aquarium background paper.

By taking this approach, you can create literally any look you want for your fish tank, making your setup totally cool and one of a kind!

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this guide to fish tank backgrounds? If you did, please remember to share the article.

A well-chosen fish tank background can add style, individuality, and even 3-D depth perception to your aquarium. Choose from a wide range of printed, cling backgrounds that you can trim to size, print your own background from a downloadable image, or create an interior background by following one of the tutorials we’ve included in this guide.

Tell us about your fish tank background in the comments box below!

19 Exciting Aquarium Backgrounds - infographics

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