Fish Head Song

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Are you looking for a fun, earworm of a song that you’ll be singing for a long time to come? Well, let me tell you about a song, that sings about the heads of fish and all the uses for them in the voice of what I can only describe as “chipmunks”. Did you know that fish heads cannot play basketball or dance? They also can’t wear sweaters, but they can be seen floating in soups.

This unique song by Barnes & Barnes dropped in 1980 on their album titled “Voobaha”. It was played on the Dr. Demento show and is the most honored song in its history. It has also been featured on The Simpsons cartoon show in an episode titled “Treehouse of Horror VII”. Since it’s original debut, it has been redone by a few other artists, but none of them will ever live up to the original.

I remember listening to this for the first time many years ago and I couldn’t help but the wonder what these people were doing when they thought of the lyrics. Were they cutting off the heads of fish? Did they watch someone else do it? We’ll probably never know, but you can check out a newer video featuring The Fish Head Song by Barnes & Barnes, for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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